Lewis and Hovan to Teach Onboard US Drilling Vessel JOIDES/Resolution

Posted on 3/27/2017 9:23:06 AM
Professor Steve Hovan works with a tube containing samples from deep beneath the ocean floor.

Jon Lewis and Steve Hovan of the Geoscience Department were awarded $45.5K from the National Science Foundation to support a new model for using the US drilling vessel for high-impact teaching. They have partnered with Sharon Cooper of Columbia University, who has funding from the US Science Support Program of the International Ocean Discovery Program.

The team will be joined by Mark Leckie of UMass–Amherst and Lisa White of the University of California Museum of Paleontology in offering the “2017 School of Rock: Expanding The Geoscience Pipeline By Connecting Educators With Early Career IODP Scientists.”

They will set sail from Subic Bay, Philippines, in July 2017 for a transit of about 14 days to Townsville, Australia.

The participants will be immersed in all of the technical facets of scientific ocean drilling. US participants will include six pairs from nearby communities, specifically a secondary educator and a young scientist. A number of participants from other nations are expected as well.

From past contributions as instructors for the School of Rock program, Lewis and Hovan anticipate that the participants will disembark in Australia transformed by the experience.