Savova Gives Three Presentations on Empowering Students

Posted on 3/24/2017 7:00:08 PM

Lilia Savova, English Department, gave three presentations at the International TESOL Convention in Seattle, Washington. Savova's presentations focused on empowering students through the use of technology in the ESL classroom and through gaining an understanding of the language structure of formal written texts.

More specifically, Savova introduced conference attendees to creating instant or on-the-go videos for video-diaries, documentary-style reporting, and language-based tasks. In another presentation, she explained how the language structure of the plagiarized text could help understand unconscious plagiarizing and how teachers could design activities that could raise the students’ awareness of and ability to avoid unintended plagiarism. Related to that, was her third presentation on the use of a writing program Noodletools that helps students keep track of their paraphrasing activities and stay focused on their own topics, thus avoid plagiarism and gain control of their own texts.

Department of English