Digital Humanities #Keywords Series Continues with Discussion of Flarf

Posted on 3/20/2017 1:05:24 PM

Professor Ken Sherwood (English) will lead the next chat in the #Keywords series, the subject of which will be “Flarf,” at noon on Wednesday, March 22, in the Center for Digital Humanities, Sutton 352 Alcove.

“Flarf is an early 21st-century neologism ... to describe a poetic composition tactic specific to networked digital media, the sensibility that informs it, and, eventually a poetic movement.... Flarf composition typically involves the application of constraint based appropriate to digital media; in Flarf, this often involves burrowing into Google search results for inappropriate, awkward, obscene, or otherwise non-literary text." (Flarf, Darrwn Wershler).

#Keywords Chats on Digital Culture aim to foster a conversation on diverse digital culture topics outside of the classroom. Participants join in the round table discussion, enjoy illuminating “demos,” and benefit from the expertise of a student or faculty chat leader.

Where and when:

  • #Keywords
  • Chats on Digital Culture  
  • Wednesday, March 22, Noon  
  • Center for Digital Humanities, Sutton 352 Alcove