English Department Announces Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Conference to Be Held April 22

Posted on 3/9/2017 11:46:00 AM

The English Department is pleased to announce IUP’s first Undergraduate Multidisciplinary Conference (UMC). The conference is organized by the English Department and will take place in Whitmyre Hall on April 22.

This is the first Undergraduate Conference of its kind at IUP. It is a university-wide conference in which students from all academic departments are invited to present and publish their work. We will accept presentations of multiple forms, including papers, symposia, and creative writing, as well as multimedia presentations, including but not limited to photography, video, drama, dance, art, music, and fashion.

We are looking for projects that relate to the conference theme and can be taught in a responsible, welcoming, and academic environment. Selected authors/artists will have an opportunity to present and publish their work in front of their peers and network among a diverse, multi-discipline group of scholars.

The theme of this year’s UMC will be “Unheard Voices.”

Topics of interest:

Dispossession and Oppression


Working Class and Classism

Politics and Media

Race and the Criminal Justice System

Climate Change


Pedagogical Writing

To apply, please submit a 300- to 500-word abstract of your project. Your abstract should describe your project. Since we’re not asking for your finished work, your abstract should also include some type of evidence of the actual project. For example, if your project is a paper, you should include your thesis and main points or an outline of your paper. If your project is a series of photos, you should provide at least one photo and a brief description of the story your photos will tell. If your submission is a play or creative writing, we ask for a synopsis, etc. All submissions will be vetted by a committee of students and faculty. Feedback will be provided for all submissions; however, please note that this is a selective process, and not all submissions will be accepted.

The deadline to submit abstracts is March 17.

To submit your abstract, please e-mail a copy of your abstract to iup.umc2017@gmail.com and to Michael.Williamson2@iup.edu. Abstracts should be in .doc, or .pdf format.

Important Dates:

Deadline for submission: March 17

Notification of acceptance: March 24

Conference Date: April 22

Organizing Committee:

Xi Xi Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta

Committee Advisor:

Dr. Michael T. Williamson

For any enquiries regarding the program, please contact: Michael.Williamson2@iup.edu

For all general enquiries, please contact: S.E.Barnhart@iup.edu.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s UMC.

Department of English