Doctoral Student Roy Publishes about Bangladeshi Students’ Desire to Write Poetry

Posted on 3/9/2017 8:36:55 AM

Sukanto Roy, doctoral student in Composition and TESOL in the Department of English, published an article titled, “Desire to Write Poetry: Gender Differences in Bangladeshi Undergraduate Students” in Language in India (Vol 17, no. 2).

The purpose of this study was to measure Bangladeshi undergraduate male and female students’ willingness to write poetry in English. Fifty (N=50) Bangladeshi undergraduate students at a private university of Bangladesh completed an online survey. Out of 50 students, 31 students were male and 19 students were female. During the survey, participants were asked to mention about their experiences and willingness to write poetry in English. Statistical measured revealed significant difference between males and females in their desire to write poetry in English. This study has shown that male undergraduate students have higher desire to write poetry in English than female undergraduate students in Bangladesh. However, this result may not be generalized due to small sample.

Department of English