Schwartz Play Selected for William Inge Theater Festival

Posted on 3/1/2017 11:03:16 PM

Michael Schwartz’s one-act play “A Punchline” has been selected for the New Play Lab at the 36th annual William Inge Theater Festival. The festival is held in acclaimed playwright Inge’s home town of Independence, Kansas, and runs April 19-22 this year. Schwartz is an associate professor in the Department of Theater and Dance.

Schwartz’s play, one of 36 chosen for public reading at the New Play Lab, concerns a Holocaust survivor who finds success in Hollywood creating a “Hogan's Heroes”-style TV show. The chosen scripts are rehearsed by top regional directors and actors in advance of the Festival, and receive a reading for conference attendees and the public. A panel of select theater professionals serve as respondents to the work, following the reading.

Schwartz previously gave an earlier draft of the play a workshop reading on the IUP campus with the help of several theater students.