Preapproval Procedure for Non-IUP Coursework Is Now Electronic

Posted on 2/15/2017 1:15:27 PM

Current IUP students can use credits from coursework taken at other accredited colleges and universities toward their degree requirements at IUP. The procedure for transferring these credits is now electronic, making the process more efficient.

Students can now download the form from MyIUP and complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the Online Transfer Credit Equivalency System

  2. Click Get a Credit Equivalency Report to determine which outside classes may transfer to IUP.

  3. Discuss coursework plans with their academic advisor.

  4. Complete the electronic Application for Preapproval of Coursework.

Students must first open and save this document to a secure location (their H drive is recommended) before entering their information.

To download the preapproval form from an off-campus location, students must log in to the IUP VPN.

Faculty, chairpersons, and assistant/associate deans will receive an e-mail when an iform for preapproval needs review. To view the iform, click on the link provided in the notification e-mail, or visit the iforms website.

Students, faculty, and staff with questions can e-mail or call 724-357-2230 ask for Transfer Services. (Please don't call the Registrar’s Office with questions about preapproval of coursework.)