Learning Communities Faculty Scholars Program

Posted on 2/10/2017 12:57:24 PM

Several Living Learning Community partners and Li Teng, assistant director for Living Learning, will attend the 2017 Learning Communities Faculty Scholars program, an interactive online faculty development program that allows faculty members to dive deeper into scholarly teaching and scholarship of teaching and learning as they apply to learning communities.

Some topics covered in this program include the science of learning, student development, learning community purpose and design, integrative assignments, and scholarship of teaching and learning.

This program is offered online through Learning Communities Program at Kennesaw State University in both spring and summer 2017.

The Living Learning Partners who will be attending this program are Shijuan Liu (Department of Foreign Languages), Dawn Smith-Sherwood (Department of Foreign Languages), Theresa McDevitt (IUP Libraries), and Veronica Paz (Department of Accounting).

For more information about this program, check it out at Kennesaw State University's website.