Wanted: Children and Parents to Participate in New Study About Emotional Development

Posted on 2/8/2017 10:59:55 AM

Ingrid Krecko, MA, from the Department of Psychology, is conducting a study of children’s emotion understanding using the Disney/Pixar film Inside Out. She is looking for children between the ages of 8–12 to participate in this study. Parents are welcome, but not required to participate.

Participation involves completing questionnaires, watching the movie Inside Out, and participating in a discussion about emotions. There is also a questionnaire for parents. Follow-up questionnaires will be given four weeks after the study.

This is a group study that will be held on the IUP campus and will take approximately three hours. Adult participants will get a gift card, and child participants will receive a prize. All participants will be entered into a drawing to win Inside Out on DVD.

If you would like to participate in this study, please contact Ingrid Krecko at 717-460-3929 or  IUPinsideout@gmail.com.

This study is approved by the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Internal Review Board and is being conducted by a clinical psychology graduate student in the Department of Psychology.