Guth Leads NBCC-I Malawi Counseling Institute Delegation

Posted on 2/7/2017 3:10:39 PM

Lorraine Guth, Counseling, was honored to be part of the National Board of Certified Counselors International Malawi Counseling Institute that was held in January 2017 in Malawi.

As the Institute leader, she facilitated a group of six delegates from the United States who taught counseling courses at Africa University of Diplomacy, Counseling, and International Relations. She also collaboratively reviewed the counseling curriculum and submitted a report to the vice chancellor of the university. Additionally, she was part of the 2017 International Counseling Conference and delivered the presentation “Group Counseling and Research in Malawi.”

Guth is very grateful for the university, college, and departmental support that she has received for her international counseling outreach work in Malawi.