Nealen Conducts “Heart Health” Sessions for Elementary Students

Posted on 1/29/2017 3:16:12 PM

Third- and sixth-grade students at St. Bernard Regional learned about different ways to maintain and examine heart health, and then tested their own heart function.

Paul Nealen (Biology) spent an afternoon with the students, talking about heart function and exchanging ideas with them on how to keep their own hearts healthy.

The students were given the opportunity to practice with some of the different instruments that medical professionals use to examine heart health, and made their own assessments of pulse rates, heart sounds, and blood pressures. Many students volunteered to see their own cardiac ECG as well.

The students finished their sessions by making predictions about how activity levels would change heart function, and then tested their predictions with some simple experiments that varied their physical activity.

Several of the materials used in these sessions were provided by the American Heart Association, via their educational programs for elementary students.