Duchamp Featured in “Scientific American” Offering Expert Commentary on Bat Habitats

Posted on 1/27/2017 3:46:58 PM

Duchamp featured in Scientific AmericanJanuary’s Scientific American magazine features Joseph Duchamp, associate professor and assistant chair of IUP’s Biology Department, offering expert commentary about bat habitats.

The article, “Bats in the Bronx,” discusses a study in New York City examining if roofs with vegetation (green roofs) attract more bats than barren rooftops. While not involved in the study, Duchamp is quoted as saying that green roofs are “a way of expanding habitats without taking up additional real estate.”

He also points out that bats “lured by rooftop buffets may help keep pest number down at ground level.”

Duchamp, with a research interest in wildlife ecology, has received several grants for study of the Allegheny woodrat and its habitat, including a grant for woodrat genetic assessment with Jeffery Larkin, professor in the Biology Department.