Alumni Host Eberly Business Honors Students in New York City

Posted on 1/17/2017 9:43:44 AM

Business Honors Students 2016 hosted by alumni in NYCOn November 3, 2016, 18 business honors program seniors traveled from IUP  to New York City to meet with alumni. During this trip, students gained perspective on business, the economy, the working world, and their personal professional goals.

The first day kicked off with a visit at Societe Generale, a French banking and financial firm. Ryan Zaharko ’12 hosted the group and explained his journey from Indiana, Pennsylvania, to the Big Apple. Ryan gave the students a tour of the trading floors at SG.

The second day of the trip was packed with networking and learning. Jim Leda ’95 and Andrew Sandberg ’05 met with students for breakfast and talked about the advantages of connecting with people, especially alumni. Each shared their story of making it to New York and becoming established professionals in their fields.

After breakfast, students took the subway to charity: water, a nonprofit working to provide clean water wells in developing countries. William Bell ’98 told students how working in the nonprofit world is different but very rewarding.

The last stop on Friday was with the Wall Street Experience, where students learned the history of the New York Stock Exchange and, of course, Wall Street. After the tour, students were split into groups and played a trading game where colored chips with varied values had to be traded as if they were stock.

Saturday morning provided an excellent, relaxing activity as students traveled to the New York Historical Society. There, students learned about New York’s history and met with J.M. Wasko ’14 (Fine Arts graduate) about his journey after leaving IUP.

The trip provided great insight and networking opportunities for the students.

Submitted by Katie Fox