Eberly Fall 2016 Global Business Networking Event Ends With Social Media Contest

Posted on 12/19/2016 3:26:47 PM

Global Business Networking Event - Fall 2016 - ParticipantsOn November 14, 2016, more than 150 business students from around the world participated in a networking event designed to strengthen relationships between classmates and to share information about international partnership initiatives. During the two-and-a-half-hour program students watched videos about cross-cultural communication, how to make a great first impression, information about what various hand gestures mean in different countries, and the power of social media.  

Students were seated in the auditorium specifically with two to three students from different countries than themselves. They practiced introducing themselves to each other, competed in creating a list of things that they had in common, exchanged social media contact information, and competed in a global knowledge program.

Dean Robert Camp made introductory remarks, and presentations were made by Prashanth Bharadwaj (dean’s associate and director of IUP India Programs), Rajendar Garg (coordinator of IUP Chinese Business Programs), Aiqing Zhao (visiting scholar IUP Chinese Business Programs), and Chad Buckwalter (Office of International Education). Over a dozen business faculty attended the event. Students were treated to an international buffet following the program. 

Cyndy Strittmatter, assistant dean, served as administrative coordinator for the event, working with International Business Association president Linyu Li, Visiting Scholar Aiqing Zhao, and Chinese Business Program support staff member Eric Du.

“This was our first event like this” said Linyu Li. “We are so fortunate to be studying among such a diverse population of students and faculty.

“I appreciate IUP and Eberly’s interest in creating opportunities for us to study together and increase cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. It was a really fun and engaging event and will certainly get even better with time!”

As a follow-up activity, student teams were asked to post a picture of themselves at some point between November 14 and the end of the term to demonstrate that they had connected with their international group after the networking event and before the end of the term.

Global Business Networking Event - Fall 2016 - Gift Card Winners Pictured are the winners of a $100 gift card: Markita Jackson (U.S.), Chandrashekae Mahadeva (India), and Xiaoying Cai (China), who posted a picture at the fitness center with “ Fitness is the same in every language.”

Global Business Networking Event - Fall 2016 - 2nd Place Winners Pictured are second place winners Fengye Zhang (China) and Susie Nickas (U.S.), who posted “Couldn’t be more thankful for the people Eberly College of Business has allowed me to meet. Opposite ends of the world, but lifetime friendships in the making.”

IUP has 923 international students representing 56 countries.  

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