How Green is Your Nest?

Posted on 12/16/2016 4:14:21 PM

The Green Nest Project is an ongoing initiative to promote sustainability with the residential communities at IUP. With community-wide competitions and other events, the goal is to bring the residential communities together to make IUP a bit greener.

How Green is Your Nest, a competition to promote and educate sustainability within the residence halls, concluded this November with participation from Northern Suites, Ruddock Hall, Stephenson Hall, and Wallwork Hall. 

Ruddock Hall, the first-place winner, planned a Green Week that gave residents the power to make Ruddock greener. Community Assistant Kylie first held a swap shop to trade items residents no longer wanted, and Community Assistant Autumn held a message-in-a-bottle program to get a second use out of empty bottles.

Wallwork Hall, runner-up, held a No Power Hour program where Wallwork residents were asked to turn off their lights, electronics, and appliances in order to conserve energy. During this time, residents were invited to play games, listen to acoustic music, and learn more about sustainability. 

The Green Nest Project will continue on into the spring 2017  semester.