Don’t Fall for a Job Scam!

Posted on 12/5/2016 11:36:39 AM

Jobs that sound too good to be true should raise a red flag, especially if you receive an e-mail sent to your student e-mail account asking you to apply to be a personal assistant or mystery shopper.

An e-mail supposedly from a person named Peter Doig is currently being sent to IUP students, saying “I got your e-mail from the school recruiting department,” which is not true. The job is a typical scam, asking the student to pick up mail, pay bills, and provide their own bank account information.

Job Scam Scenario:

A student applies for an online data entry job posted by a scammer who is “away on business.” Part of the job duties include paying shipping charges or cashing checks for the employer. The student cashes the check and then wires the scammer the balance. Even though the bank cashes the check, it is later discovered to be a fake and does not clear. The student now owes the bank the full value of the check, which could be hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

If you receive a suspicious message, please forward it as an attachment to You should also check out Don’t Fall for a Student Employment Job Scam for more details on how scams are often advertised, or contact the Career and Professional Development Center at 724-357-2235 or