Rap Video Showcases IUP Recycling Program Growth Across Campus

Posted on 11/14/2016 2:22:43 PM

In the past three years, Indiana University of Pennsylvania has worked hard to show how serious it is about recycling.

Now, the message is in a music video.

As part of the promotion of work done at IUP and to bring awareness to the issue of recycling, the university has created “Facts of the Matter,” a rap music video about recycling.

The lyrics are written by Michael Mann, the university’s Facilities Operations coordinator. The video was released by the university in conjunction with national America Recycles Day November 15. The video was produced by the Office of Communications and Marketing.

IUP has recycled more than a half-million pounds of materials since 2013.

“We have grown a lot,” Mann said. “With better promotion and getting information out via different outlets, we have raised even more awareness and our recycling numbers are increasing.”

Cornelius Wooten, vice president for Administration and Finance, asked Mann in to give a presentation to IUP President Michael Driscoll and members of the university leadership team on the university’s recycling program.

Mann took all the statistics he could gather about the program and wrote a rap.

It was nothing new to Mann, a former football star at IUP who has worked at his alma mater for the past 15 years. Since he was a young man, he has used rapping as a form of therapy for his stutter, which has made speaking not only challenging, but frustrating.

“I knew I could rap,” Mann said, “and I knew that I could deliver it the right way.”

After Mann presented his rap to university leadership, Driscoll was so impressed that he asked Bill Hamilton, director of Video Services, to make a video to further promote the message that IUP takes recycling seriously.

“It’s a bit unusual for a university to produce a rap video on this subject, but I knew it could be done, and would be done well,” Driscoll said.

Hamilton, who had never made a music video in his 25 years at IUP, said he wasn’t sure what to think when he first got the assignment.

“It was a pretty daunting task,” he said. “I didn’t know how we’d make something that has value, but doesn’t look too contrived. But Michael is so talented; he did such an incredible job that it really was easy to film.”

Hamilton worked closely with Matt Burglund, IUP university editor, as producer for the project. The two came up with the concept of Mann playing the roles of all the people who are involved in IUP’s recycling program. The team shot the video over two days in September at locations ranging from the president’s office in Sutton Hall, to the automotive shop in Robertshaw, to the Indiana County Recycling Center in Homer City. Members of IUP’s student Ecologically Conscious Organization Club (ECO) also are part of the video.

“Bill did a wonderful job of showing how the project here at IUP has taken off, while having some fun with a serious message,” said Driscoll, who also makes a cameo at the end of the video. “It was the perfect opportunity for us to show off our good work and our commitment to being good stewards of our resources.”

Mann said he was thrilled with the finished product.

“It was great,” Mann said. “It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, but being that we had a good crew, it was a great experience. My hope for the video is that it brings more awareness to the university for our recycling effort, and motivates the campus to want to recycle more.”

From 2013 to 2015, IUP recycled 319,390 pounds of mixed office paper, 156,405 pounds of cardboard, 43,855 pounds of plastics, 2,500 pounds of glass and 1,025 pounds of aluminum cans. Mann and his staff coordinate efforts to collect the recycling materials from each building on campus, and then they transport them to the Indiana County Recycling Center in Homer City

As part of the recycling efforts, Mann has formed a committee of IUP staff and students to help him oversee the project.

“I’ve worked to develop a committee of members who are enthusiastic and energetic about recycling,” Mann said. “Our goal is to raise awareness to get the campus community involved. We still have opportunities for growth, but we are making progress.”



The fact of the matter is,
We recycle most things from leaves to aluminum
Then we have news, mixed office and plastics
Papers in the blue bins hanging from your trash baskets
This is not something we discuss
We did 108, 392(lbs) in surplus
We don’t beat our chest because we’re humble
But from here on out, that’s a NO NO
We gonna be the loudest that you heard
IUP recycles heard all the way in Pittsburgh
So as the people does the program go
We gonna kick it in drive like the indigo (indigo)
Indigo Indigo
The little bus that transit the campus, in case you didn’t know
Even in our automotive
We recycle used oils in barrels that you can’t tote
It’s too heavy, don’t try
The passion, you can tell by the look in my eyes
IUP recycles and promote it
There’s nothing we can do if they choose to ignore it
We don’t drive Mercedes but we have bins
In every building throughout the campus for recycling
Our unsung custodial staff
Who picks up every day and sort’em by the bags
The grounds crew collects three times a week
And haul it up the street to the center for the county
2014 was a big deal
We diverted 200 tons from the land fill
That’s in recycling products
Where our goal is to raise awareness and get the numbers up
If you wanna know our average numbers by the pound
Calculated by the quarters, we around 50 thou
And we audit like twice a year
Just to get a gauge where we are from year to year
Gotta thank my AVP and the committee
Who sit around the table and ride or die with me
Folks speaks just to have a voice
Not understanding recycling is a choice
Its not mandatory
So we thank you today for hearing out story
If there’s a question that you have to ask
Email or hit me from your twelve digit phone pad
We recycle here at IUP
So extra extra, get the word O.U.T.