Human Development and Environmental Studies Faculty Achievements

Posted on 3/24/2008 4:19:11 PM

We are proud to note the many achievements of our faculty and students during the last year.

  • Dr. Sally McCombie of Family and Consumer Sciences received the Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching in Spring 2006, one of the highest honors IUP bestows upon faculty. She has served for 11 years as the coordinator of the Family and Consumer Sciences Education program. In her classroom, she uses a variety of engaging instructional techniques, modeling how effective teachers provide learning opportunities based on a unique blend of content and pedagogy. Congratulations Dr. McCombie!

  • Ellen Mikowychok (Interior Design) and Jennifer George (Family and Consumer Sciences) graduated from the Honors College in 2006.

  • Our students do many hours of community service. Those enrolled in CDFR 463 do 30 hours of community service during the course. CDFR 419 and 317 students work and volunteer in the University Child Care Center and Indiana Head Start Program. Student organizations in Family and Consumer Sciences, Child and Family Studies, and the Interior Design program also engage in community service.

  • Faculty have been actively engaged in research, writing, presentations, service and other projects and have received various awards.

    Gehring, Thom, Fredalene B. Bowers, & Randall Wright. Anton Makarenko: The "John Dewey of the U.S.S.R.". The Journal of Correctional Education, Dec 2005, Volume 56, Issue 4.

    Bowers, Fredalene. Understanding and Communicating with Preadolescents and Adolescents. Presentation at St. Andrews Village Professional Staff Development Training. December 2005.

    Bowers, Fredalene & Marion R. Henry. “Increasing the Potential for Academic Success: Working with Teen Parents and At-Risk Students Living in Poverty.” Presented at the 4th International Hawaiian Conference on Education, January 2006.

    Bowers, Fredalene & Marion R. Henry. “Recent Research in Neuroscience and the Implications for Early Childhood Education.” Presented at the 4th International Hawaiian Conference on Education, January 2006.

    Bowers, Fredalene and Maria McCarthy (Co-Facilitators). January and February 2006 - Five Week Parenting Series, Trinity United Methodist Church.

    Bowers, Fredalene. The Importance of Play, Indiana Hospital Parenting 101 Program, March 6, 2006.

    Bowers, Fredalene. Presentation entitled Adolescent Development, Effective Strategies for Working with Families. Student Assistance Program Training, Armstrong-Indiana Drug & Alcohol Commission. March 22 & 23, 2006.

    National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. Faculty Appreciation Reception, IUP HUB, Dr. Fredalene Bowers received the 2006 Best Faculty Member Award (voted by student members).

    On October 29, 2005, the IUP Student Section of the PA Association of FCS hosted a state-wide meeting in Ackerman Hall. Sixty undergraduate FCSE majors met, coming from IUP, Marywood and Seton Hill Universities. Dr. Brooke Judkins was the keynote speaker, and a panel of practitioners, many of whom were IUP alumni, communicated "words of wisdom" to the undergrad pre-teachers.

    Dr. Sally McCombie developed a new online version of Consumer Sciences 101.

    Frey, D.K., Hines J.D. & Swinker, M.E. InfoWIZARD Web-portal for problem-based learning, Poster Presentation at the International Textiles and Apparel Association Annual Meeting, November 1-6, 2005 in Alexandria, VA.

    Hines, J.D., Frey, D. K., & Swinker, M.E. (2005). Lifelong learning: Web-based information literacy module for merchandisers. Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences, 97(4), 55-58.

    Hines, J.D., Swinker, M.E., Frey, D. K., & Broughton, K. (2005). Embedding information literacy into a merchandising curriculum. MountainRise, 2(1). Retrieved January 25, 2005, from archive/vol2no1/html/embedding_information.html

    Swinker, M.E. & Hines, J.D. (March, 2006). Understanding consumers' perception of clothing quality: A multidimensional approach. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 30 (2), 218-223.

    Dr. Frank Viggiano, Human Development and Environmental Studies, appeared on National TV (139 US Markets) on the following dates: September 8, November 2, December 2 (Comcast Cable Network & Black Horizons, WQED-TV 13 PBS), December 15 (Pittsburgh Today, KDKA-TV 2 CBS), December 17-18 (Lifequest, WQED-TV13 PBS), December 19 (This Morning, WUSA-TV CBS, Washington, DC), and December 31 (Lifequest, WQED-TV PBS).

    In November, 2005, NBC-TV in Las Vegas invited Dr. Frank Viggiano to do a Holiday Gift TV segment. In addition, the LV Review Journal asked Dr. Viggiano to contribute to a story on Holiday Shopping in which IUP was mentioned.