Kervin ’02 Receives IUP 2016 Young Alumni Achievement Award

Posted on 11/8/2016 12:03:06 PM

The Geoscience Department congratulates Robert Kervin ’02 on receiving one of IUP’s 2016 Young Alumni Achievement Awards. Bob is executive vice president and co-founder of Rusk Energy Corporation. Bob has served as a geologist for multiple companies in the energy industry and is recognized as a leader in developing new technologies that extend the lifespan and production of conventional oil and gas fields.  

Dean Snavely, Robert Kervin '02, and President Driscoll

Dean Snavely, Robert Kervin '02, and President Driscoll

It was great to have Bob back on campus and in the department for the day. He took the time to meet with both faculty and students to talk about his current work and to pass along advice to students who will be entering the workforce soon.

As with all geologists, there were the requisite stories about time spent in the field near and far. We particularly enjoyed the ones involving falling rocks and undergraduate pack mules from his undergraduate field research with John Taylor.