Communications Media Faculty and Student Publish on Impact of Mobile Technology on Our Culture

Posted on 9/19/2016 12:05:22 PM

A forthcoming book chapter written by members of the Communications Media Department will explore the impact of mobile technology on our culture.

Communications Media faculty member Zachary Stiegler and Nick Artman, a PhD candidate in the Communications Media and Instructional Technology program, have penned a chapter in the book Confronting Technopoly: Charting a Course towards Human Survival. 

Confronting Technopoly features multiple perspectives on topics related to challenging society’s willingness and eagerness to accept new technology without considering the consequences it brings.

In their joint chapter, “Navigating the Mobile Village,” Stiegler and Artman tackle the effects mobile devices have had in shaping our cultural status quo. The title of their chapter is a reference to Marshall McLuhan’s theory of a “global village” in which the world has become an enormous village because of the advances in technology. While McLuhan’s initial theory was constructed in the ’60s, Stiegler and Artman revitalize this concept, using it as launching pad into the idea of how our mobile phones have not only made our world a smaller, more connected environment but also how they have affected our culture.

Confronting Technopoly is being published by Intellect Ltd. and is available for pre-order on Amazon.