Driscoll and Powell Publish Article on Writing Transfer

Posted on 9/19/2016 11:21:19 AM

Dana Driscoll, associate professor of English, and Roger Powell, doctoral candidate in Composition and TESOL, have published an article titled "States, Traits, and Dispositions: The Impact of Emotion on Writing Development and Writing Transfer Across College Courses and Beyond” in Composition Forum.

The article traces the impact of students’ emotions on their short-term writing gains and long-term writing development. Drawing from a five-year longitudinal dataset following 13 college writers, they found that participants experienced a range of emotions during writing tasks. Students managed these emotions in different ways, with some approaching their learning less emotionally (rational interpreters), others more so (emotional interpreters), and a final group using metacognitive practices to manage their emotions (emotional managers).

Their results suggest that metacognitive concepts of monitoring and control are keys to students’ navigation of the complex emotional landscape of writing in higher education. They suggest ways that faculty can help students become emotional managers and work with students’ emotions in the classroom.

Read the article in Composition Forum.

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