Psychology’s Krys Kaniasty Gave Several International Talks This Summer

Posted on 9/8/2016 12:15:24 PM

Krys Kaniasty, Department of Psychology, coauthored three presentations at the 37th International Conference of the Stress and Anxiety Research Society in Zagreb, Croatia (July 6–8, 2016). These included the following:

  • Kaniasty, K., & Brown, J. (IUP alumna). Social support from the perspective of the provider: Effectiveness of Provided Social Support Inventory (EPSSI).
  • Kaniasty, K., Zanbar, L., Ben-Tzur, N, & Ben-Ezra, M. Post-traumatic growth following the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict (Tzuk Eitan): The contributing resources.
  • Sasao, T., Tamai, K., Bokszczanin A., & Kaniasty, K. Environmental concerns and social functioning among college students in Tokyo after the Great East Japan Disaster (March 11, 2011).

Kaniasty also participated in the 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology on July 13–16. He and his colleagues from the Polish Academy of Sciences presented a paper titled "On how everyday politics affect psychological well-being: Studies in Poland and the United States."