Janetski and Travis Offer Act 48 Water Quality Workshop for Area Teachers

Posted on 8/26/2016 2:46:01 PM

Erin Janetski and Holly Travis from the IUP Biology Department offered an Act 48 workshop for teachers from the Indiana and Armstrong school districts on August 16, 2016, as part of their recently awarded Environmental Education Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Participating teachers sampled macroinvertebrates linked to water quality at the Tanoma AMD Wetlands site, offered suggestions for related high school student activities, and planned field trips with their students for fall and spring during the 2016–17 academic year.

The grant project, Western PA Water Watch, will create a water quality assessment protocol, an accessible database for stream sampling results, and related curriculum materials for use by participating teachers and those who are unable to bring students to the field, but who still want to use real local water quality data in their classrooms. IUP faculty and students work with teachers during field sampling and will manage and maintain the database. Through participation in this project, students in area schools will develop a greater understanding of the ecological value of Pennsylvania’s watersheds while meeting state science standards.

By introducing high school students to authentic research experiences relevant to their own community, and by highlighting skills such as critical thinking and communication, this project will generate interest in science and awareness of local environmental concerns through interactions with researchers, educators, and college students.

Erin Janetski from the IUP Biology Department works with area teachers as they sample macroinvertebrates at the Tanoma Wetlands site

Photo: Erin Janetski from the IUP Biology Department works with area teachers as they sample macroinvertebrates at the Tanoma Wetlands site.