Biology Undergraduate Research Experience Students Complete Summer Program

Posted on 8/4/2016 9:05:44 AM

Eight undergraduate students have completed the Biology Undergraduate Research Experience (BURE). The purpose of this program is to encourage student research, increase creative activity, and start student-faculty innovative research projects. The program is the result of Biology Department recognition that there is a need to support student-faculty projects and institutionalize student research.

The awards provide flexibility to take advantage of unique opportunities in summer research and creative activity. As a requirement of BURE, students must present his/her research findings at a regional, national, or international meeting. Each student earns up to $2,000.

Congratulations to the following students:

Michael Belko (Cuong Diep)

Title of Research: “Determining whether the linker domain of the 1hx1a protein is sufficient for dimerization”

Tashi Bharathan (Tom Simmons)

Title of Research: “Infection prevalence of Borrelia burgdorferi in adult blacklegged ticks (Ixodes scapularis) from Pittsburgh Regional City Parks”

Marilyn Can (Jeff Larkin)

Title of Research: “Abundance and vegetation characteristics of Prairie  Warbler in managed forests of the Central Appalachian Mountains”

Jennifer Greiner (Holly Travis)

Title of Research: “Plants compatible with urban gardening in a green roof setting”

Laura Marinos (Christina Ruby)

Title of Research: “Seasonal effects on circadian activity rhythms in mice”

Devin McClain (David Janetski)

Title of Research: “Assessment of competitive and predatory interactions between smallmouth bass and brown trout using stable isotope and diet composition in Two Lick Creek, Indiana County, PA”

Elizabeth Stackhouse (Cuong Diep)

Title of Research: “Is the linker domain of the 1hx1a protein necessary for dimerization?”

Emily Sterner (Robert Major)

Title of Research: “Assay of neoblast proliferation over 24 hours”

2015 BURE recipients include: Mary Chey, Robert Connacher, Ian Forte, Cassandra Krul, Noriko Mikeasky, Kaitlyn Palmer, Benjamin Wadsworth, Kayla Weinfurther, and Emily Welch