New Courses Added for Summer Session 2

Posted on 6/16/2016 10:56:18 AM

The following six course sections recently opened up for Summer Session 2.

Of interest to undergraduates is a new section of Composition 1 (ENGL 101 section 821 - online) and the internship for English (ENGL 493 section 011).

Other recently opened courses:

  • Dissertation for Curriculum and Instruction (CURR 995 section 6D3)
  • Dissertation for Administration and Leadership Studies (ALS 995 section C01)
  • MBA internship for Information Management (IFMG 698 section 001)
  • MBA internship for Accounting (ACCT 698 section 001)

Summer courses are great for catching you up or moving you ahead. Don’t miss the chance to  register for Summer Session 2 classes.