Ibrahim and Machado Present Paper on Technology Use

Posted on 5/11/2016 11:42:09 AM

Abdulsalami Ibrahim, doctoral candidate in Curriculum and Instruction, and Crystal Machado, Department of Professional Studies in Education, presented their paper, “Connected or Disconnected? A Comparative Study of International Students’ Technology use in the US and their Home Countries,” at the 2016 New England Educational Research Organization Conference, in April in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Universities in America spend proportionately more on technology infrastructure and instructional technologies than their counterparts in other parts of the world. There is limited research that describes the challenges international students face as they move to technology-rich learning environments.

The paper provided conference attendees with access to the preliminary findings of a mixed-method study conducted at a mid-sized research university in the East Coast. The study describes international students’ access and use of devices and instructional technologies in their home countries and the United States and the extent to which they challenges and/or enhanced students’ learning and communication.

Abdulsalami Ibrahim won Frank Corbett’s Five for Fifty Graduate Students Award.