2015–16 Science Skills Series Concludes with GCMS/NMR Workshop

Posted on 4/25/2016 10:56:51 AM

Students gathered recently for the final Science Skills Series workshop of the spring 2016 term, during which they developed their skills in chemical instrumentation and critical analysis of data.

Modern chemists employ a variety of technical instruments in their work, and perhaps none are more central to chemical analysis than the gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer and nuclear magnetic spectroscope. Justin Fair (Chemistry) led a recent workshop which gave students focused training on, and practice in, the use of these instruments as well as in the interpretation of the data they generate.

Given several research problem-based scenarios, students prepared and analyzed their own samples to determine reaction monitoring, analysis of reaction mixtures, and outcomes of purification. Students then worked in groups, using the data gleamed from each analysis, to determine the "next step" in each research problem.

Feedback from the workshop was very positive. The students very strongly agreed that the workshop was a good use of their time (93%), and they remain very interested in future workshops (90%). The students appreciated that the workshop was hands-on, and described the Science Skills Series as "wonderful" and "very helpful."

The Science Skills Series is sponsored by the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Workshops are free and open to IUP students of any major.

Have a suggestion for a workshop topic, or a question about the Science Skills Series? E-mail it to science-skills-series@iup.edu.