IUP Business School Hosts CEO Jeffrey Gaus ’81

Posted on 4/15/2016 11:45:38 AM

On March 23 and 24, the IUP Eberly College of Business and Information Technology hosted Jeffrey Gaus ’81 as the executive/entrepreneur-in-residence. 

Gaus serves as chief executive officer at Prolifiq Software Inc. and also served as its president. He served as vice president of sales and marketing for Prolifiq since 2001 and is responsible for articulating and overseeing the execution of Prolifiq Software’s growth strategy. Prolifiq serves some of the largest and most innovative companies, including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Medtronic, Stryker, and Gilead. 

Jeffrey Gaus 3_24_16 w/Dr. Camp and StudentsGaus is a veteran of the telecommunications industry. He has co-authored two United States patents, designed communications protocols, and served the domestic healthcare and life sciences industry for the last three decades. Gaus completed his education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in marketing and his post-graduate work at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School.

Gaus had a packed agenda, speaking in nine different sessions to hundreds of students from 21 different course sections. He also spent time talking with students from the Association for Management Information Systems (AMIS) and the Student Marketing Association (SMA).

Gaus appreciated the opportunity to return to IUP, even taking the time to make a special post to his LinkedIn site about his trip to IUP with the following observations:  

  1. This is not my father’s IUP—the University has changed dramatically (in good ways), and the business school has amped it up.
  2. These students are engaged—I expected the classes to be similar to industry conventions where everyone is working on their phones or laptops. These students had the respect to pay attention and interact.
  3. The future is very bright—there is a level of professionalism and enthusiasm in this generation that is quite welcome. These are not hipster slackers by any stretch of the imagination.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the time that they had to learn from Gaus.  

Jeffrey Gaus '81 Executive in Residence March 2016Management Information Systems senior Deric Schmidt indicated that, “the presentation put on by Jeff Gaus was by far one of the most valuable presentations I have attended over the course of my college career. He did a fantastic job of driving home the importance of the little things when it comes to making acquaintances and managing relationships in the business world.”

Michael Bercik, ISDS major, indicated that while Jeff provided a lot of very useful information, the best takeaway from his session was to “Follow your heart and do what you like to do…. the money will come along in the long run.”

Gaus had a great presentation, said Logan Yeo, marketing major. “He is proof that someone out of IUP can be very successful. One thing that interested me was that his first boss took a chance on hiring Mr. Gaus as a young kid. Later, this same boss was the first investor in Mr. Gaus’ business. He really emphasized that it was important to keep all connections, and do not burn any bridges.”

The Eberly Executive-in-Residence and Entrepreneur-in-Residence programs are designed to connect students with alumni and business partners with real-world experience and guidance. “We were thrilled to have Jeff return to our campus,” said Dean Robert Camp. “It was a great opportunity for us to show off the many changes in IUP and in the college of business, and it was an excellent opportunity for our students to learn from a prominent alumnus who has had extensive and international experience in the business world.”