Economics Students Present Research at Undergraduate Scholars Forum

Posted on 4/15/2016 8:25:22 AM

Twelve economics students gave oral presentations at the Undergraduate Scholars Forum on April 5, 2016. Economics majors Patrick Edwards and Hannah Mercer received the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean's Award for their presentation, "An Analysis of Gender Inequality in Professional Tennis."

Edwards and Mercer conducted the research as part of their honors track in economics coursework under the supervision of faculty member James Jozefowicz.

Student presentations from the Department of Economics at the Undergraduate Scholars Forum included:

"VSE Managed Investing Portfolio"

Student: Marc Colon

Faculty Advisor: Yaya Sissoko 

“Egypt: Democracy, Corruption and Poverty Alleviation: Challenges Ahead”

Student: Krenn Crider

Faculty Advisor: Yaya Sissoko

"An Analysis of Gender Inequality in Professional Tennis"

Students: Patrick Edwards and Hannah Mercer

Faculty Advisor: James Jozefowicz

"Portfolio Management: A Venture of Risk and Return"

Student: Elizabeth Johnson

Faculty Advisor: Yaya Sissoko

“Gender Wage Disparity in Higher Education: Unionization versus Non-Unionization”

Student: Donisha Kendrick

Faculty Advisor: Stephanie Jozefowicz

“Diminishing Poverty and the Spread of Income Inequality Throughout Sudan”

Student: Julian Sebia

Faculty Advisor: Yaya Sissoko

“The Use of Environmental Factors to Increase Rwanda's Income and Employment Growth”

Student: Christopher Seibel

Faculty Advisor: Yaya Sissoko

"Daytrading in the Stock Market: Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Profits"

Student: Joshua Soundararajan

Faculty Advisor: Yaya Sissoko 

"Player Statistics and Characteristics and the Impact on Player Salaries in the National Hockey League"

Student: Robert Stock

Faculty Advisor: James Jozefowicz

“Effects on Poverty from Lack of Public Services in the Democratic Republic of Congo”

Student: Bradley Taylor

Faculty Advisor: Yaya Sissoko

"Portfolio Management: Taking Risk "

Student: Bree Wright

Faculty Advisor: Yaya Sissoko