Winners Announced for Women in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Program

Posted on 4/13/2016 2:01:46 PM

On April 4, 2016, the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics held its 11th annual Women in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Program, showcasing over 30 research projects by women students and faculty. The poster session was preceded by a special program coordinated by Holly Travis for high school students from Homer Center and West Shamokin school districts. During the poster session, a panel of judges coordinated by Yu-Ju Kuo selected posters for awards.

Sara McBride and Tom Simmons

In the undergraduate category, first place was shared by two posters: Sam Goldstein and Claire Smathers (Biochemistry program, Justin Fair research supervisor), “Computational Validation of Human 5HT1a, 5HT2a, 5HT2b, 5HT2c, and H1 Receptors” and Sarah McBride (Biology Department, Tom Simmons and Joe Duchamp research supervisors), “Forest Fragmentation, Deer Density, and Lyme Disease Risk in the Allegheny National Forest: A Small Mammal Perspective.”

Second place was awarded to Aubrey Keperling (Biology Department, Dan Widzowski research supervisor) for her poster “Deciphering medicine- induced weight gain: Effects of the selective, brain penetrant antihistamine triprolidine on body weight gain in mice.”

Denali Davis (Biology Department; supervised by Avijita Jain, Chemistry) was the third-place winner for her poster “Understanding the DNA Interaction Properties of a Ru(II)Pt(II) Based Mixed Metal Complex.”

The Science Education Award was given to Victoria Stone (Middle Level Education, supervised by Tom Simmons and Anne Simmons) for her poster “Blacklegged Ticks and Lyme Disease: Determining Awareness in College Students.”

In the graduate student category, first place was won by Kusuma Anand (Biology Department, Paul Nealen research supervisor) for “Stimulus Valence Influences Auditory Discrimination Training Speed and Profile in Finches.”

Second place was awarded to Fabiola Rodriguez (Biology Department, research supervisor Jeff Larkin) for her poster “Ecology of the Honduran Emerald hummingbird (Amazilia luciae) in a tropical dry forest valley of Honduras, Central America.”

Noriko Mikeasky (Biology Department, Cuong Diep research supervisor) was awarded third place for her poster “Investigating in vitro dimerization of the transcription factor lhxla.”

Yu-Ju Kuo, Aschleigh Graham, and Deanne Snavely

The Best Computational Science Poster is sponsored by the S-COAM Project and was awarded to Aschleigh Graham (Chemistry Department) for “Structural changes upon ligand binding at the active site of myoglobin,” supervised by Ron See.

Rachel Krueger (Geoscience) was recognized as the 2015–16 recipient of the Patricia Hilliard Robertson Scholarship for Women in Science.

Congratulations to all award winners, and a big thank-you to faculty who mentor so many of our students through their independent research. The commitment you demonstrate to your students’ success is admirable. We hope to see you all again at next year’s WMST Program!

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics