Chefs and Students Making it Easy at Indiana’s Cookin’

Posted on 4/11/2016 1:43:20 PM

Chefs and students at Indiana’s Cookin’On April 5, 2016, Culinary Arts faculty and students partnered with the Department of Food and Nutrition to present Indiana’s Cookin’.

Eleven baking and pastry students, along with faculty members John Kapusta and Anthony Battaglia, participated on the culinary team.

Indiana’s Cookin’ is sponsored by the Indiana Gazette to benefit the Indiana Community Action Program’s (ICAP) food bank. The event raised $16,000 and provided plenty of cooking and nutritional tips for the audience.

This year’s theme, “Making It Easy,” featured recipes that were not only flavorful, but could also be made quickly and easily.

The show’s theme developed after organizers asked, “What do chefs make at home?” The assumption was chefs make the same elaborate dishes at home that they teach every day in class and make on the job.

Sharing that chefs are all about making things easy at home, Chef Kapusta stressed that they still like to eat good tasting food as well.

The “Making It Easy” recipes focused on breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert items that could be made simply, with few ingredients, and great flavor. Con Yeager Spice Company, a long-time Academy of Culinary Arts supporter, provided spices that flavored some of the dishes and were recommended in the recipes.

The culinary team finished up with Baking and Pastry instructor Chef Anthony Battaglia demonstrating the art of making truffles. Battagalia suggested that the audience consider giving truffles as gifts for holidays or special occasions.