2016 Women’s Leadership Award Winners

Posted on 4/1/2016 3:51:36 PM

This year, Health Awareness, the Office of International Education, the African American Cultural Center, and the Commission for the Status of Women worked collaboratively to broaden the award structure for Women’s Leadership.

2016 Women's Leadership Award Winners
From left, front row: Nahlah Alzahrani, Danielle Yushinski, Chiara Ebig, Sahar Al-Shoubaki, and Jiawen Zhang
From left, back row: Lisa McCann, Pamela Guzman, Alexandra (Ali) Miller, Autumn Dietrich
Not pictured: Tory Dellafiora

The IUP Women’s Leadership Program has been recognizing women since 1986. It recognizes women for their overall outstanding leadership, service, academic excellence, and community contributions on and off campus. It embodies the idea that women are making “HERstory” daily by our thoughts and actions.

The 2016 Winners:

Autumn Dietrich, Alexandra Miller, Chiara Ebig, Danielle Yushinski, Pamela Guzman, Sahar Al-Shoubaki

This year, two additional awards were created.

The International Women’s Leadership Award was created to recognize two international female students who have participated in several International Women’s Leadership Workshops and demonstrated growth throughout this past year. 

The 2016 Winners:

Nahlah Alzahrani and Jiawen Zhang

Inspired by IUP’s Center for Health and Well-Being’s Women’s Leadership workshops, the Office of International Education created a series of six leadership workshops this past year with guest speakers from IUP’s faculty and staff which included these topics: Embrace your Leadership Style, Activism, Conflict Resolution, Public Speaking, Communication Skills, and Creative Leadership.

The IUP African American Cultural Center, Diversity, and Inclusion Award acknowledges two women whose philosophy and contributions help to create a more inclusive IUP community. The women chosen for this award articulated how they were able to demonstrate not just the passion they have for diversity and inclusion issues, but how they actively engaged in promoting, teaching, creating, and implementing various programs and initiatives for their cause. 

The 2016 Winners:

Lisa McCann and Tory Dellafiora