Athletics Assessment within the Division of Student Affairs: Part 2

Posted on 3/22/2016 1:31:53 PM

As part of a longitudinal assessment initiative, IUP Athletics has surveyed all student-athletes at the conclusion of fall, winter, and spring sports since 2011–12.  

Using a five-point scale, with a range from (1) not at all to (5) very much, the survey draws from questions on the Division’s Student Learning Outcomes and Satisfaction Survey1, as well as questions developed specifically by the Athletics Department, to better understand the perceived impact that participation in intercollegiate athletics has on various areas of a student-athlete’s learning and satisfaction. 

For each of the past five years, student-athletes have consistently reported high mean scores (≥ 4.00) on the above scale for the following: (a) overall satisfaction with IUP, (b) influence athletics had on decision to remain enrolled at IUP, (c) satisfaction with experience in IUP Athletics, and (d) satisfaction with experience at IUP.

For fall 2015, a total of 116 student-athletes (approximately 72 percent) who participated in a fall sport completed this survey. The following are several findings from this survey: 

Fall 2015 Student Athletes Survey Charts

Please contact the Athletics Department for additional information on the student-athletes survey, as well as other assessment findings pertaining to IUP Athletics.

To learn more about Student Affairs assessment, please visit the Student Affairs or Strategic Planning and Assessment web pages.  

Assessment Within the Division of Student Affairs: Part 1

1The Student Learning Outcomes and Satisfaction Survey was designed by IUP’s Student Affairs Division over a decade ago and was revised in 2013. It has been used since its inception to measure learning and satisfaction as a result of student participation in specific cocurricular events or experiences.