Assessment within the Division of Student Affairs: Part 1

Posted on 3/15/2016 3:39:11 PM

The following is part one of a five-part series on Student Affairs assessment. Today’s news post focuses on three key documents which provide a divisional framework for the division’s assessment processes:

  • The Student Affairs Division Goals, Objectives, and Initiatives, 2015–16 is a strategic, evidence-based document that includes divisional objectives and focused initiatives that are aligned with specific strategies and tactics within the IUP Strategic Plan 2015–20.
  • Student Affairs assessment is further defined through following four keystones that reflect the division’s mission and vision, and characterize the holistic and inclusive nature of student-centered learning at IUP.

  • Finally, 12 Student Learning outcomes serve as a basis to articulate and measure student learning and development that systematically occurs through student participation in department and division programs and services. The learning outcomes are mapped to the IUP Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes, which exemplifies the centrality and cross-divisional contribution of learning outcomes assessment at IUP.

To learn more about Student Affairs assessment, please visit the division’s Strategic Planning and Assessment web page or the Student Affairs website .