University Family Drive: Your Participation Equals Power

Posted on 3/11/2016 2:45:06 PM

2012 University Family Drive: Our University, Our Students, Our Charitable Support. The Future Is In Our Hands. #IUPProudToday marks the beginning of the University Family Drive. When you participate, you not only help students and make a statement that you believe in the work we do at IUP, you also affect IUP’s ability to be rewarded with performance funding.

Fifty-seven of your peers are serving as volunteers* to build on the momentum of the last few years to raise support for IUP students. Participation is the most important part of this drive. Last year, more than 750 IUP employees participated in the University Family Drive; this year’s goal is 800. Materials are their way to your campus mailbox. The drive ends April 8. 

Give Now to IUP through
the University Family Drive!

Your Area of Interest, Your Students

At a time when the costs associated with attaining a college degree are on the rise, donor support is crucial. Each semester, many students are able to maintain their enrollment solely because of scholarship support they receive. Without it, and without charitable investment from alumni and people like you, they would not have the means to complete their education. Your packet contains a sampling of designations for your consideration. You may support a specific scholarship, a specific department, or a variety of program areas—any of the Foundation for IUP’s 1,000+ fund accounts. If you have questions about where to designate your gift, contact the Office of Annual Giving at or 724-357-5555. Deans are offering college-specific match incentives, too.

Additional Incentive

Here's why participation is important: If the number of individual donors who support IUP programs and students increases this year, we stand to be rewarded additional budget money from the State System. Last year, because of IUP’s progress toward established performance measures across the university, IUP received a performance award of $5.4 million—the most of any State System school. Of that allocation, $677,000 was awarded solely because of the number of people who made a gift to the Foundation for IUP. Rounding out at 796 donors last year, our University Family played an exceptionally significant role in achieving that level of funding.

Celebrate Your Participation

All those who give will be invited to a victory reception hosted by President Michael Driscoll on April 18. Please make your gift, and we'll see you there!

*A full list of volunteers appears on the University Family page. Without volunteers, our success in previous years would not have been possible. The Annual Giving team and the University Advancement Division are very grateful for their assistance this  year and every year.