Biology Students Present Workshop on Blacklegged Ticks and Lyme Disease

Posted on 2/23/2016 10:03:23 PM

Victoria Stone, Shannon Tepe, Emily Welch, and Tom Simmons presented “A Tick in Time Saves Lyme: The Ecology of the Blacklegged Tick and Lyme Disease in Pennsylvania.”

The event was held at the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Jennings Environmental Education Center in Slippery Rock on February 21. Simmons discussed the findings from research conducted in his Vector and Disease Ecology Laboratory. The biology students led demonstration lessons on personnel protective measures, tick ecology, and the spread of Lyme disease in Pennsylvania. This educational outreach program was attended by 56 people.

Pictured from left are: Victoria Stone, Shannon Tepe, and Emily Welch.

Victoria Stone, Shannon Tepe, and Emily Welch

Department of Biology