AMIS/AIS Club’s Awesome Fall 2015 Semester

Posted on 2/19/2016 9:36:16 AM

The AMIS/AIS Club of the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology had an outstanding fall term.

During fall 2015, the AMIS/AIS Club was awarded the Distinguished Chapter Award for the academic year of 2014–15. The officers for that year were Deric Schmidt (president); Nathan Adams (executive vice president); Adam Hannisick (vice president of Communications); and Patrice Douglas (secretary/treasurer). These officers and all of the members of the AMIS/AIS Club for 2014–15 are to be commended for an outstanding job.

Also during the fall 2015 semester, the AMIS/AIS Club was extremely busy, and anticipates many more events in the spring 2016 semester in an attempt to win the AIS’s top award: Chapter of the Year. The Club operates with four main objectives: Professional Development; Service Activities; Social Activities; and Fund-Raising Activities. The primary focus is to help students develop professionally by sponsoring guest speakers, presentations, demonstrations, company tours, networking opportunities (internally and externally to the sponsoring Information Systems and Decision Sciences Department), and recruiting events meant to provide students with the opportunity to apply for internships and jobs in the management information systems field.

The officers for this year are Deric Schmidt (the Club’s first two-term president); Aleks Krachanko (executive vice president); Kevin Fradeneck (vice president of Communications); Erik Larson (secretary); and Andrew Selker (treasurer). With these officers’ guidance, the club has accomplished an extraordinary fall semester.

Service: From the Service Chair, Richie Meyers: AMIS has participated in a number of community service events. The largest community service event was organizing the E-Cycling drop for both IUP and the community as a whole. Our club collected a 15’ U-Haul truck full of unwanted electronics and delivered them to the Indiana County Solid Waste Authority to be recycled responsibly. Recycling e-waste allows many valuable materials to be recovered and reused rather than being landfilled. E-waste also contains toxic and hazardous materials that have the potential to contaminate soil and water when landfilled. Another community service event was volunteering at the Indiana Humane Society where members of AMIS spent time walking dogs and taking care of the animals. The final community service event of the semester was our Cards for Troops event. The AMIS club set up a table for two days in the Eberly auditorium and gave students and faculty the ability to sign cards for the holiday season that would be distributed to the troops and veterans through the American Red Cross.

Fundraising: From the Fundraising Chair, Nicole Macedo: The Association for Management Information Systems Club held one fundraising event for the fall semester. The AMIS Club annually sells Yankee Candles to family and friends right before the Thanksgiving/fall break. We planned it so that orders would be received by Christmas time, therefore making great gifts for all! The club made a nice profit in just over a week’s time and anticipates a couple more fundraisers in the spring to not only continue the great things our club has been doing, but to continue to give back to the community as well.

AMIS Golf Event Fall 2015Social: From the Social Chair, Chad Mosesso: During the 2015 fall semester, the AMIS Club held a series of social events to bring members together as a group and also to test our abilities. Most of the following events were funded by the AMIS Club from money collected by members’ dues and fundraising. The first event occurred on October 6 , which was the annual Har-Tees Driving Range trip. This event consisted of a fun round of 18-hole mini golf and was later followed by drives on the golfing range. Just before the weather started getting cold, we performed the AMIS Spikeball Tournament on October 17.  Spikeball is a competitive crossover of volleyball, where two teams of two try to out-spike the opposing team on a center net using a volleyball and modified volleyball rules. There were around four teams of two players in our championship bracket; members Carter Cerully and Carl Arch came out on top as champions. The third social event held by AMIS was the annual AMIS LAN party, held on November 17, where a group of members created a local area network using a router, donated by Dr. Hyde, and Ethernet cables to connect gaming systems together to play on multiple TVs. This event was the fan-favorite of the group and was held at Stephenson Hall. The last event for the fall semester was the Member Appreciation Night held just a couple days later on November 19 at the Eberly Auditorium. At this event, we said thanks to all the members who made top contributions to the club, handed out awards to them, and shared a couple of pizzas (in the Atrium, of course) just before leaving for Thanksgiving break.

Professional Development: From the Professional Development Chair, Nick Tarpenning: Several professional development events were held during the semester, including recruitment events, a data center tour, Technology Week, and weekly member presentations.

Recruitment events have been a focus of the club this year since very few employers are now willing to hire students who have had no prior experience. Internships provide a tremendous competitive advantage to graduating students. These events also provide students with access to employees who are willing to directly advocate for the student for either an internship or a job.

Randy Massafra from Vanguard is a graduate of IUP’s ISDS Department and joined AMIS for a discussion on what his job entails and how a typical day in life goes for senior management in the technology field. He spoke of the need for integrity and the will to strive for greater understanding of your job. This means you never stop learning in this field because it is an ever-changing and dynamic entity. Also, Vanguard recently announced an increase in hires for this coming year, so internship opportunities will be available. Massafra discussed the need for one, if not two, internships because of the intense competition for jobs in this field.

AMIS Bayer Recruiting Fall 2015Robi Schmiedlin (also an IUP graduate) and Larry Jay from Bayer discussed Bayer’s internship opportunities and the IT operations of Bayer. The event was a big success as students have been interviewing with Bayer since the event occurred! Bayer’s Data Center in Pittsburgh (under the direction of Ms. Schmiedlin) services North, Central, and South America. This event also served as a great opener to the tour of the Bayer Data Center in Pittsburgh for our members the following week.

Dave Wunderley from Pitt Ohio spoke to the AMIS club about his company and their involvement in the world of transportation and logistics. He also discussed internship opportunities for the students as well as job opportunities.

Brian Larson from Enterprise was our final recruitment event of the semester and was certainly a great way to wrap things up. Not only did he provide a great deal of information in regards to Enterprise and the many opportunities they have for undergrads, but he also conducted a workshop that educated the members on the do’s and don’ts of interviewing, networking, and social media.  This was a very eye-opening presentation that the members will be sure to utilize for years to come.

The Bayer Data Center Tour was great as students were given a first-hand look at an enormous data center and the chance to learn about its functions, contingency plans, how it is operated, and much more. AMIS members left early in the morning to conduct a full day of learning at Bayer.

Weekly member presentations were fantastic throughout the year, and we all learned about some new and interesting technology that simply cannot be included in classes due to time constraints. The idea behind weekly member presentations was that a member would choose a topic related to business and/or information technology/systems, research their chosen topic, and practice their public speaking and presenting skills by conducting a short presentation for the members. We learned about the technology in military attack helicopters, state-of-the-art DJ equipment, drones, hover boards, and many other interesting things. 

Tech Week - Fall 2015

Tech Week was sponsored during the week of October 19–22. 

Monday: Internet of Things Presentation/Demonstration - Deric Schimdt and Nick Tarpenning gave an excellent presentation on the Internet of Things (IoT) to students and faculty. The idea was to convey what exactly the IoT is and how it will change every-day life. The IoT is the concept of all electronic devices being interconnected via various channels, such as wireless networks, RFID technology, etc. They will share data and react with real-time responses using sensor technology. A brief demonstration was given of some of the capabilities of an Amazon Echo. The Echo allows verbal operations of a home’s security system, lighting, heat/AC, and any device that plugs into an outlet as well as providing verbal responses to questions/demands for services such as news, weather, music, encyclopedic/dictionary and other reference questions, lists (such as tasks, groceries, etc.), and even ordering products from Amazon.

Tuesday: Build Your Own Computer Presentation/Demonstration - Alex Krachanko taught a room full of students about the components of a computer and how to build your own. The event was very informational and useful to students that may be interested in one day building their own computer, and included two computers built by Alex and his brother.

Thursday : Drone presentation - A presentation was given on drones to the attendants of the final Tech Week event. What started as basic videos and specs on various drones progressed to a pizza feast, followed by a demonstration of drones. The demonstration was held in the IUP Field AMIS Drone Presentation Fall 2015House, and attendants could participate in flying several small drones. Approximately 90 people, including faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, children, and other guests, attended. The event was lot of fun, and drones used in the demonstration were given away as prizes in a name-drawing.

About the AMIS/AIS Club

The Club is affiliated with an international academic association, the Association of Information Systems. The AIS changed the AIS mission and charter to formally include undergraduate and master’s students to be included into the organization that had formerly served faculty only. The first AIS student chapters were chartered and inducted in 2009, and the AMIS Club at IUP was one of these charter chapters. In 2010 the AIS International Student Chapter Advisory Board was formed. Club Advisor Micki Hyde served as a member of this board since that time.

The first annual Student Chapter Awards were presented in 2010 and, out of the past six years, the AMIS/AIS Club has won five awards, even though the chapter is only a small fraction of the size of the student organizations at schools such as Alabama (300+ members), Georgia (200+ members), Temple (200+ members), etc. The AMIS/AIS Club is not only for management information systems (MIS) majors, but is open to any and all IUP students.