Tech Talk: How Secure is Your Connection?

Posted on 2/16/2016 9:26:46 AM

On Thursday, February 18, the Institute for Cyber Security will provide viewing of the CAE Tech Talk “How secure is your connection to your bank account from a Starbucks WiFi network: Discover SSL/TLS.”

SSL/TLS is by no means the only way to secure Web and email communications on the Internet, but millions of people use it every day, protecting credit card numbers, online banking sessions, emails, and more. For normal users, seeing the lock icon and "https" in URLs provides confidence that SSL/TLS is keeping us safe. But, in reality, how safe is it? In this presentation, we will build a physical Lab, implement remote access SSL, and demonstrate what is really happening on the back end of our laptop and the bank account server.

Viewing of this webinar will be at 1:10 in Stright 329. All are welcome to attend.