Important Information About PHEAA State Grants for Spring 2016

Posted on 1/29/2016 8:34:51 AM

Any adjustments to student enrollment and eligibility for spring 2016 can impact a PHEAA State Grant award until the budget has been passed and PHEAA makes final award notifications.

Some possible reasons why a PHEAA State Grant award could be adjusted include:  

  • Withdrawing or dropping credits resulting in a change from full-time to half-time or less than half-time enrollment

  • Withdrawing, dropping, or adding credits resulting in a change to the classroom instruction ratio (the percentage of credits a student is taking online versus in class)

  • An increase or decrease to the PHEAA State Grant award made by PHEAA

    If you have any questions about how a change in enrollment could affect your PHEAA State Grant funding, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 724-357-2218 or