Machado and Doctoral Candidate Brandon Present on “Differentiating Instruction”

Posted on 1/28/2016 8:41:50 PM

Jamie Brandon, doctoral candidate in Administration and Leadership Studies, and Crystal Machado, Department of Professional Studies in Education, presented their paper, “Differentiating Instruction: Meeting the Needs of All Learners with MOOCs,” at the 2015 Original Lilly Conference on College Teaching, in October in Oxford, Ohio. 

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS), which provide students with access to online instruction, have gained both popularity and infamy over the last decade.

Using a social justice approach, Brandon presented a paper co-authored by Professor Machado, which puts the spotlight on positive aspects of MOOCs.

The paper presented an overview of different types of MOOCs and popular MOOC initiatives, identified overlooked populations that could benefit from access to MOOC, and described how the principles of differentiated instruction (Tomlinson, 2004) can be used to provide “less able” students with the support structure they need to maximize their potential.

Using a case approach, Brandon demonstrated how the design of a MOOC offered through the University of Edinburgh in spring 2013 was grounded in the principles of differentiated instruction.