Applications to Go to Sea with STEMSEAS Now Being Accepted

Posted on 1/25/2016 8:58:34 AM

Principal investigators (PIs) Jon Lewis and Sharon Cooper (Columbia University) are planning to bring cohorts of undergraduate students on three different short transits aboard state-of-the-art research ships this summer with the project STEM Student Experiences Aboard Ships.

STEMSEAS aims to

  1. increase the number and diversity of students pursuing degrees and careers in geosciences;
  2. prepare students for all possible career trajectories in the geosciences; and,
  3. contribute to the evidence base for effective student engagement, learning, and retention in STEM. 

More information, including the online application, can be found at the STEMSEAS website and a video about the experience.

Students interested in STEM fields but unsure which field are strongly encouraged to apply. Students from communities that continue to be poorly represented in STEM fields are strongly encouraged to apply. Even students pursuing degrees in art, journalism, film studies, English, and pre-law are strongly encouraged to apply. The PIs aim to extend the project in the coming years, so stay tuned.

Department of Geoscience