Phi Gamma Nu Uses Poll Everywhere for Officer Elections

Posted on 12/2/2015 3:00:16 PM

PGN2016 elections

On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, IUP’s Phi Gamma Nu business fraternity had their 2016 officer elections. This organization helps students looking to develop their professional and business skills while enrolled at IUP. This group is made up of mostly business students ranging from sophomores to seniors who all have a passion in business, whether it is their major or not. 

Phi Gamma Nu (PGN) has a unique executive structure. There are traditional positions like president and vice president, but positions like alumni relations chair and pledge educator are unique. In all, there are 11 positions on the officer team who oversee approximately 100 general members.

PGN also has a unique structure for elections. Nominations are held before our fall break where each person running in nominated for one position. During the elections two weeks later, each position is voted on individually so that anyone who does not win an election for president, vice president, etc., still has a chance to run for a lower position later on. This structure allows members to try for a higher position while knowing they can still run for something else if they are not elected at first. 

However, this structure can prove extremely time-consuming. Thanks to Poll Everywhere, PGN was able to test out a premium subscription where all 81 members in attendance could vote using a cell phone or laptop. All speeches and voting for these 11 positions were completed within one hour, which is nearly half the time that it has taken in the past. Members found it easy, fun, interactive, but most of all fast.

While it is an exciting meeting for those running for a position, members typically are not enthused to sit for hours listening to speeches and waiting for slips of paper to be counted after each round. Luckily, everyone in the audience was pleased with the outcome, especially when the meeting ended with pizza and cake for all of the members.

PGN2016 elections - new officersPoll Everywhere was able to provide a fast and user-friendly tool for our college students during our elections. We look forward to using their services in the future for all of our voting needs!”
—Katie Fox, New President