KHSS Graduate Receives the 2015 Young Alumni Achievement Award

Posted on 11/11/2015 1:26:03 PM

David Andrews ’05 recently won the 2015 IUP Young Alumni Achievement Award. Andrews earned his bachelor’s degree in sports administration, with a minor in business administration.  

2015 alumni small

In 2008, he earned a master’s in sport science with a major in sport management. 

Since his graduation from IUP, Andrews has continued to become a leader in the areas of recreation and sport facility administration, including program and staff development, fiscal management, and community outreach. Most significant is the fact that, in seven years, Andrews successfully worked through the YMCA system to become the Executive Director of a large organization in New York City with a membership of 14,000 and a nearly $10 million budget.

As a young professional, he has done an exemplary job and successfully fulfilled varied responsibilities, as listed in detail in his CV, including such things as risk management, contract negotiation, revenue generation, organizational restructuring and staff recruitment/training, and major facilities renovation.

Also impressive are the significant contributions Andrews has made through his work to the urban community and the public service he has provided in the major metropolitan area of Greater New York. For example, forming partnerships with local public and private schools, establishing marketing and campaign giving through connections with local sports teams (such as the Brooklyn Nets), and providing health and wellness services to homeless shelters, community parks, and Arab Center, has positively impacted the quality of life for many.

Finally, during the last seven years, Andrews has also taught as an adjunct professor at the university level on multiple topics related to sport administration, facilities management, and health, fitness, and recreation, thus helping prepare the next generation of professionals in his field.