Presentation: Children During the Holocaust

Posted on 11/11/2015 10:51:43 AM

Please join us for "Children During the Holocaust," to be presented by holocaust survivor Shalamit Bastacky on Monday, November 16, from 5:05 to 6:00 p.m., in Beard Auditorium in Stouffer Hall.

Bastacky was born in Poland in the Vilna Ghetto. When she was 1-year old, her parents managed to find a hiding place for her with a Catholic nun, where she was hidden until the end of the war when she was four. She was hidden in a dirt basement, in the dark, with little human contact and food. The nun left Shulamit on a river bank at this point, and she was taken to an orphanage by a stranger that happened to pass by. Her father searched orphanages until by luck he found her and positively identified her by a birthmark, because she did not know her own name and did not respond to it. She started the long process of rehabilitation from malnourishment, and lack of sunlight and human interaction. She never had a toy until she moved to Pittsburgh and bought a teddy bear for herself at age 22. IUP will collect toys and clothing in conjunction with this event.

This event is free to the public and sponsored by the College of Education and Educational Technology, the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and the Department of Professional Studies in Education.