Eberly Students Hone Microsoft Excel Skills

Posted on 11/5/2015 2:33:15 PM

Twenty-five students from the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology attended a three-part workshop over the past few weeks to strengthen their skills in Microsoft Excel. The Eberly Management Association organized the program.  

Dr. Paz, Mr. Hoover and students at Excel workshopDuring the sessions, student learned the basic skill set that students should know, but with a twist of highly useful and efficient time-saving tricks.  Richard Hoover, assistant director of the Small Business Development Center, assisted with the first training program and provided many examples and practice problems associated with basic skills. Veronica Paz, an IUP Accounting faculty member, and Hoover taught together for the second session and covered more advanced Excel skills, including Pivot Tables and data handling formulas. With assistance from both individuals, students were able to obtain more hands-on assistance. The last session, led by Hoover, was a more in-depth version about Pivot Tables, how to create charts with the data, VLOOKUPS, and cleaning data.    

Carmen Henry, senior with a double major in operations management and human resource management, was one of the student coordinators and participated in the workshops. “I really appreciate the Eberly College providing us with this opportunity to enhance our skills in Excel,” said Henry. “I learned a lot over the three sessions, and it will definitely be something that I will be able to use in the remainder of my coursework and in my future employment.”   

Cyndy Strittmatter, assistant dean for Administration, worked with the Management Association to organize the workshop. “Student representatives on last year’s Eberly Strategic Planning Council recommended supplemental workshops and programs to help them strengthen skills in specific areas,” Strittmatter said. “Excel training was a high priority among the students. We are proud to have student organizations, such as the Management Association, that work to organize their membership and commit hours outside of the classroom to strengthen their skill sets and to be more competitive when searching for jobs.”