IUP Programming Team Takes on ACM Programming Competition

Posted on 11/5/2015 12:25:19 PM

Ten students from the IUP Programming Team attended ACM's 2015 Collegiate Programming Competition.

This year's programming team went to Youngstown State University this past weekend to attend the Association for Computing Machinery's 2015 Collegiate Programming Competition, sponsored by IBM. They competed against various teams from around the country, including Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh, in several programming challenges, from solving the possibility of a trick shot in pool to decoding cryptic Grille ciphers. The team's consisted of Sam Grieggs (junior; computer science, languages and systems), Matt McBurney (senior; applied mathematics/secondary math education), Derek Hanley (senior; applied mathematics/economics), Justin Fleming (junior; computer science, languages and systems/applied mathematics), Neal Messer (senior; computer science, applied track), Shane Malachow (sophomore; computer science, languages and systems), Dan Grim (senior; computer science, applied track), Jeff Medvec (senior; computer science, applied track), Justin Charles (senior; applied mathematics), and Dash Nagle (freshman; computer science, languages and systems).

While the teams did not win, they finished above multiple teams from around the region. The Bug Zappers (Fleming, Messer, and Malachow) finish the highest with the most problems solved in the least attempts out of the IUP teams, followed by the Acorn Stash (Grieggs, McBurney, and Hanley), who solved the same problems in a few more attempts, and lastly the Algorythms (Grim, Medvec, and Charles), who worked diligently on a problem no one else could solve, only to be foiled by the requirement for the program to run in under three seconds. Overall, the IUP Programming Team was excited about how the competition turned out and is looking forward to the PACISE programming competition in the spring.

For more information on our competitions and how to join, contact Michael Everett (H.M.Everett@iup.edu).