New Social Issues in Sport Liberal Studies Elective Course being offered this Winter

Posted on 11/4/2015 9:08:35 AM

A new liberal studies elective course, HPED 225: Social Issues in Sport, is now being offered online during the winter term.

Sport is a topic that permeates virtually all aspects of society. This course investigates sport from historical, philosophical, and social perspectives. Specific topics that will be explored include:

  • Sport and the Economy
  • Evolution of Sport Media
  • Contemporary Issues in Youth Sport
  • Using Sport to Promote Religion
  • Conflict between Religion and Sport
  • Sport in Promoting Social Values
  • Politics within Sport
  • Violence in Sport
  • Drug Use in Sport
  • Hazing in Sport
  • Gambling in Sport
  • Racial and Ethnic Discrimination in Sport
  • Title IX and its effect on both Men's and Women's Sport Programs
  • Participation for Individuals with Disabilities

 Department of Kinesiology, Sport, and Health Science