Charles Presents Preliminary Research Study on Black Teachers of English in South Korea

Posted on 10/26/2015 1:10:23 PM

Quanisha Charles, an English instructor and PhD candidate in the Composition and TESOL program, presented her preliminary research study, titled “Lived Experiences of Black Teachers of English Working in South Korea,” at the 15th annual Diversity Challenge: Race, Culture, and Social Justice, hosted by Boston College, in Boston, Mass.

On Saturday, October 24, Charles presented a preliminary review of a forthcoming research study aimed to analyze how Black teachers of English (BTE) construct the term NES, how being a NES influences their pedagogical approaches in the classroom, and ways in which BTE negotiate their English language teaching identity within the South Korean context.

Through critical theory as a lens and narrative inquiry as a methodological tool, her research seeks to examine further in-depth the lived (both teaching and professional) experiences of BTE in South Korea.

Department of English