Action Plan Provides Short-Term Direction

Posted on 10/23/2015 11:27:01 AM

In May of 2014, IUP was invited to be one of three state system universities to help develop a new reporting instrument for State System universities (and for the system itself) called an Action Plan.

The Action Plan is meant to provide a concise, understandable report to the Board of Governors and others, highlighting a university’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities, current status, and future plans. The fact that we were invited to help shape the first version of the action plan is an indication of the chancellor and board’s high regard for IUP. Provost Moerland, Vice President Wooten, Barbe Moore, and I served on the Action Plan Task Force, which worked throughout the 2014–15 academic year to produce the template. While the Action Plans are still a work in progress and will no doubt be modified in the future, I believe the task force produced a very good first draft.

All 14 State System universities were required to complete an action plan and present it to the Board of Governors in May and June of 2015. Assisted by IUP Trustee and Board of Governors member Jonathan Mack, I presented an overview of IUP’s plan—the second of the 14 to present.

See the full presentation.

You’ll see that my presentation and IUP’s State System action plan are very much in line with our very own Strategic Plan. In fact, I pointed out in the presentation that our Middle States accreditation self-study and the completion of the Strategic Plan, along with our participation in the action plan pilot, came with auspicious timing—and that they are a nice blend of introspective examination, planning, and goal setting.

Our Strategic Plan is, without question, the path to our shared vision. To move forward on the path toward that vision, we need to lay a few bricks at a time. The action plan helps inform the Board of Governors about our focus for the next few years, ensuring no surprises and appropriate support.

I have been pleased with the excellent work we’ve done in the last few years. As I said at our academic year opening, I am convinced that if anyone can transform higher education and still deliver great results—and improve on them—we can.

Anytime you have questions about our direction, I encourage you to address them through your chairs, deans, directors, or vice presidents or attend one of my monthly open forums, where your question and my answer will be shared to the benefit of everyone who attends.

I look forward to our continued work together.

Michael A. Driscoll