Driscoll and Powell Publish “Conducting and Composing RAD Research in the Writing Center”

Posted on 10/14/2015 11:41:10 AM

Dana Driscoll and Roger Powell (English Department) published their article, “Conducting and Composing RAD Research in the Writing Center: A Guide for New Authors” in the Peer Review.


The field of writing center studies has expressed a growing interest in RAD research (replicable, aggregable, and data-supported research) as a tool for developing evidence-supported best practices. In addition to shaping how we serve writers within individual centers, RAD provides a common language to reach external audiences, thereby legitimizing our work. Despite its benefits, many writing center practitioners lack access to knowledge and education about RAD research. Further, few publications provide novice researchers with guidelines to effectively conduct and write about RAD research. In this article, we not only address this gap but also present RAD as more than a research concept: it is a process that shapes our inquiry, facilitates our scholarly identity, strengthens our credibility, and positions us to speak with authority.

Driscoll, D. L. and Powell, R. (2015). Conducting and composing RAD research in the writing center: A guide for new authors and graduate students. The Peer Review, 1.1.

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